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Clean slate: an opportunity to start over without prejudice; fresh start, tabula rasa


I have been thinking if I really need a new blog just because my tumblr account does not suffice my passion of sharing my experiences and posting pictures from my travels and adventures. Thus, limiting me in using my instagram shots and lower resolution pictures. Starting from scratch is not an easy job, however, the real challenge is maintaining my progress here. Hopefully, I can share through this blog everything under the sun and not be lazy updating it.

Therefore, starting today I will write whatever my heart desires, even if this blog is public, this will still be my personal diary. I’ve come to a point where I don’t pretty much care what the world will say to me ’cause it’s not them who will live my life, it is me who has the full control to live the way i want, without hurting others, and to the fullest extent.

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