nope, i’m not drunk

I missed this feeling, getting a hangover after a night out seems a pretty nuisance to a lot of people. It has been a while since I last drink like that, I just feel so happy and alive. Drinking does not make someone a drunkard. Sometimes, sharing a drink with your friends, family and loved ones makes the experience different with each person.

I tend to reminisce over the past and somehow, I just miss my old friends who once or twice in my life got drunk with me, laughed and cried with me, and even sang and danced with me. I miss my college friends, my college housemates, my Chem buddies, my org mates.

And I miss me. My younger self who loves to embrace change and explore new possibilities and opportunities. I was brave enough to let go and to get hurt. And even in pain I always strive to overcome all my fears and struggles. But now, I feel so reserved, frustrated and suppressed with all my emotions being kept up.

I drink because I’m happy and I trust the people around me. But, drinking makes me feel freer and bolder. It makes me express my deepest, darkest thoughts and somehow, everything I say is true.

It has been a year already, and I still haven’t decided.

photo credits: Keefe Arcilla :)
photo credits: Keefe Arcilla 🙂


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The world is full of ‘what ifs’ so I’m on my journey of seeing and exploring where my life can take me. Every single good thing in the world is worth trying. 🎡📸✈️

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