#tumblrrepost imy tums..

483539_10151177333851645_1595474930_nGod will not give you something you cannot handle. For all I believe, God is so good that He makes all things wonderful.  There are times that we cannot walk any further because it’s too dark, but He will always provide the light we needed in order to reach our purpose in life.
Last year was not the best year I ever had in my whole existence. I’m like a wall that crumbled into pieces in a split second. I had no idea of what happened to you, I never bothered to know…

They say there are few good things that must come to an end. But those ten years we had seems so irreplaceable, and not enough. You are one of the few persons that made my life easier, made me think the other way around, turned all the bad things into good ones. You always let me see the brighter side of every situation I’ve encountered. Through ups and downs, you’re just there for me, but I wasn’t there for you. I will always remember our last conversation, those were the times I didn’t know that you really need me because I’m too busy with my life that I forgot all about you. I still want to say that I’m really sorry for being too late to realize that you needed a friend. That you needed your best friend.
I am sorry. I am really sorry. If I could just really moved on, but I can’t and deep down inside, I really want to turn back the time and be by your side.
I know you’re really in a good place right now and I know God had a great plan for you, and that He will now take care of you up there…

I really miss you Ana. My best tums, my best friend.

 ***it’s been 3 years already, but I know you are now happy and at peace with Him.

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