scribbles from the heart

I cannot think clearly. My laptop’s battery is already half and for the past half-hour I’ve been trying to condense my thoughts into poetry. Sadly, the lines of my poem just don’t rhyme. I’ve been contemplating on what shall I do, for the past whole month I noticed that things are as normal as before. But, when I examine closely my heart, it all ends up that I am contented on it’s state. Not too happy, not too sad and just enjoying every heart beat it counts.

Complications arise when things don’t go with your expectations. Being happy, contented and free are just one of the things I value most especially for myself. ‘Cause who wants to be sad and frustrated? No one. But, I am unsure how long will I take to realize if this is really what I want. No risks, no heartbreaks. I’m so over now thinking maybe I should just divert my mind and my heart to something else. ‘Cause lately my life is like a Ferris wheel, mostly downs nevertheless, still turning up…slowly and surely.

For now, my mind is already blocked. Better make up my mind.

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