being skinny isn’t everything

For all the people who keep on saying I am fat, I gained weight, I look chubby than the last time, then this write-up is for you.

You know, body-shaming is one of the causes of depression these days. Aside from racist and fault-finding attitude, people who always comment on how the other person’s lifestyle is not really your business. Not unless you are his/her personal gym instructor or nutritionist. Recently, I received quite a lot of comments. But, is it really your problem and you just want to keep pointing it over and over again? I am not really depressed ’cause I already learned the art of ignoring people’s opinions that are not worthy of my time. I’m just not in the mood due to lack of sleep, so it really hit my nerves today.

Social media has worsen the mindset of people. It made such a norm that being beautiful is equivalent to being skinny and having fair skin, etc. But, not all people are born that way. That’s why I like the song ‘Born this way’ by Lady Gaga. It sums up everything I want to rant and say here. In addition, as I quote from the Little Prince book, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. So stop pestering people with your fat comments rather just ask them other things worthy of their time. In addition, if the person decided to change for the better, they will do it for themselves, not because of the comments they constantly hear from others. And being skinny, my dear friends, doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy.

For me, I can say I really feel okay with my body and all. Yes, my tummy is a bit big, ever since I was a child my tummy looks like that. All of us in the family have round tummies but, never did I feel down or depressed because of my weight and even if my family notices, I don’t feel the pressure of becoming skinny because it’s what the norm says. Yes, I always notice my weight because I love running, and my weight will highly affect my performance that’s why I am conscious about it. So, I don’t need your constant reminder on how I look. 🙄

I love myself so bug off. Sorry not sorry.

And for those who feel the same, never underestimate yourselves. And love your body! No one will ever love yourself as much as you do!

‘FAT’ is usually the first insult a girl throws at another girl when she wants to hurt her.

I mean, is ‘fat’ really the worst thing a human being can be? Is ‘fat’ worse than ‘vindictive’, ‘jealous’, ‘shallow’, ‘vain’, ‘boring’ or ‘cruel’? Not to me; but then, you might retort, what do I know about the pressure to be skinny? I’m not in the business of being judged on my looks, what with being a writer and earning my living by using my brain…

I went to the British Book Awards that evening. After the award ceremony I bumped into a woman I hadn’t seen for nearly three years. The first thing she said to me? ‘You’ve lost a lot of weight since the last time I saw you!’

‘Well,’ I said, slightly nonplussed, ‘the last time you saw me I’d just had a baby.’

What I felt like saying was, ‘I’ve produced my third child and my sixth novel since I last saw you. Aren’t either of those things more important, more interesting, than my size?’ But no – my waist looked smaller! Forget the kid and the book: finally, something to celebrate!

I’ve got two daughters who will have to make their way in this skinny-obsessed world, and it worries me, because I don’t want them to be empty-headed, self-obsessed, emaciated clones; I’d rather they were independent, interesting, idealistic, kind, opinionated, original, funny – a thousand things, before ‘thin’. And frankly, I’d rather they didn’t give a gust of stinking chihuahua flatulence whether the woman standing next to them has fleshier knees than they do. Let my girls be Hermiones, rather than Pansy Parkinsons.
-J.K. Rowling (source)

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