Start the year right!

And I am claiming that 2016 will be an awesome year!

Full of hope, love and travel ❤

The year 2015 passed too quickly. With too many ups and downs, busy schedules and different issues to deal with, travelling became a luxury. It was the time I spent to free up my mind and my only time to appreciate nature – to listen to the crashing of waves, to feel the gust of the wind on my face and to see the clear, blue sky without the pressure of going back to work the next day.

I can say I am still noob with all these adventures, travel, & exploration…but I do hope that this year will be a year of change. Change within myself, to see the outside of the box I am living in, and more importantly to continue changing for the better. I want this year to be fulfilling for myself.

Enough of the drama ’cause things happen for some reasons, and you just got to be strong to accept it and move on. 2015 gave me a once in
a lifetime opportunity to start over and the adjustment period is now over. Today is the start of new beginnings, to discover my inner talents and to test my limits. Hopefully, I can do it. I believe I can do it!

Work. Life. Travel. ❤

For myself & for my family ❤
Cheers to 2016!:)

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