an artist without an artwork


“Everything you can imagine is real.” -Pablo Picasso

I’m a fake artist. But, I love to imagine all the possible things I can achieve in this lifetime. And I know I’m an artist, in a different kind of way – in my own terms and ways. I am an art lover. I love and appreciate different forms of art- from paintings to sketches, from novels to poems, even vast array of films and music genres. However, I never had the chance to have that distinct talent myself. I’m going to start something but, in the end I will never excel on a certain area because I never pursue to give my best in trying, improving and practicing. I have reached my quarter life and it is coming to an end in a few days time. And after that day I can say that in my 25 years of existence, I still haven’t done something incredible in my life (or maybe I already had but, I just don’t know? how was it possible though?..) Being mediocre and not being able to accomplish something are the things I want to overcome this year and I know, it’s not yet too late if I start to be more hardworking and braver in taking up new challenges and doing things out of my comfort zone.

So yeah, I will list down some of my bucket list (do-able and possible!) for 2016 and hopefully by the end of the year, I can tick everything:

  1. Do something different from my routine. Something I can do alone and at the same time, I can learn more about myself – SOLO TRAVEL!
  2. Read more books, read more non-fiction books & writings because I need to try other things other than my beloved fiction and romance novels. Read more about the world, its issues and be part of it even by just reading.
  3. Run! Swim! Exercise! We all need to exercise not only to burn excess fats, but also to achieve a healthier body. Invest now or regret later. (‘Cause who run the world? GIRLS! haha) – I will definitely RUN MORE this year.
  4. Learn a different language, hopefully I can really learn to read and converse at the end of this year. It’s just really difficult to learn all by myself (but I will do my best. AJA!)
  5. Appreciate art by trying to do something outside my comfort zone. Learn art in a different form and share it to others. Be a part of something new (BTW I still don’t have any idea what i really want, I just feel I need to do something apart from my day job. This will be a difficult one to achieve though)

And lastly, be present in every moment, and try to really feel and experience it. I still have enough time to do everything, not just this year, but in the years to come. However, life is too short and you can never tell what will happen next. Hopefully things will go as planned, however, I think I’m really not a good planner! So whatever comes my way, be it the way I like or not, let it be ’cause who knows what good it may bring to my life.

At the end of each day, I always think about the good things, and even the bad ones I have now in my life… Yet I’m still thankful and grateful for it. Everyday is a blessing, life is not meant to be rushed, it’s learning process, and day by day you will learn more and more. And everything will be a lot easier if one can accept that things & events happened because they were meant to happen, and you are meant to learn from it.

Actually, I don’t think I really regret not having to accomplish something so HUGE at the moment. I think I more prefer living at the moment, and at the same time taking those small but, important steps to achieve my goals day by day.

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.”
― J.K. Rowling

(Ohh!! i think my day job really stressed me out that’s why i had the time to write this up. I just actually want to share my recent experience at Singapore Art Museum however, this entry turned out into a diary/goal alignment/inspirational write-up. Forgive me if you’re reading this nonsense :p)


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