On a side note – Re: Ph elections

For the past year I’ve been living in this busy city, Singapore. The unique capability of this country to devolop, sustain and continuously improve on every aspect is awed by different nations. The first time I stepped on this land, everything became different, and glittery in my eyes. New perspectives and ideas came into my mind. Being an OFW (overseas Filipino worker) makes you more radical in terms of criticizing your own country. Yes, I do it sometimes because being away from your family makes you realize a lot of things, a LOT loads of weird and difficult stuff that makes you different in someway from your previous  self. I sometimes think, how come we never have the same economic growth even if we have more wealth in terms of our natural resources? And why can’t the government make all the professionals stay in their homeland instead of working and serving for other country?  Why do they need to raise the tax of middle income earners and still we don’t see any improvement at all? Are we just impatient to see the progress or there’s no progress at all? Do we just need to depend on the government, who as we all say, corrupt and crooked? Or can we help make a stand and a change for the fate of our country?

Being a voter is a right and an obligation of every citizen of the country. You will be the one who can help change the fate of our dear Philippines. It’s saddens me actually, when people don’t realize how important that one vote they will contribute. We cannot stop the crime and corruption in one blink, but by voting the appropriate leader who can bring the change that we want, we might have the chance. All in all it still depends on our hands. After the elections, hopefully leaders and the masses will respect those who will win and support them in whatever way.

 “united we stand, divided we fall” hopefully we will always remember this saying.

Anyway, sorry for this rough and a bit idealistic post. I guess I’m still confused on who to vote since elections already started for Ph here in SG.

featured photo not mine*

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