HK Pt.2 with miLoves

I was bummed to see that my post, that after four months of being a draft, was finally published and then erased in a matter of seconds. I felt like a weirdo not knowing how to use a computer, who’s annoyed right now? phew. Enough of that sad and frustrating introduction, so let’s start again, from scratch and I might finish this off for one hour or less.

DISCLAIMER: it’s my 8th month hiatus on posting a write-up so this one is a little rush. but, i will change my ways so starting today I will really, really try to update as fast as I can to recall each trip I’ve made since HK. (so I still have HK>>KotaKinabalu>>Bagan,InleLake,Yangon MYANMAR>>Busan,Seoul SOUTH KOREA) hihi

As you all know Hongkong is a very easy destination for travelers even if you go with your whole family. They’ve got good food, easy walking tourist spots, Disneyland and Oceanpark, nature trails, cable cars, shopping malls for both clothes and electronics, name it, and a lot more picturesque and sometimes overcrowded places.

We picked up some good dates for our Disneyland and Ocean Park. Some of my friends said that they need to queue for hours for some rides and cable cars but, for us, we even had multiple rides in Hair raiser in Ocean Park.

My family came after two days of me being alone in the city. We had a good walk to Victoria Harbour passing the Clocktower and Hongkong Cultural Center since we stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s just 5-10 mins walking distance to these places. When they arrived, we ate breakfast at Coral Garden, then head on straight to Victoria’s Peak. It was a very cold day yet a good weather to walk around Hongkong. We didn’t have any difficult in finding the way since my mom also went there before a few times for business trip and for me I still remember even if it has been three years since I’ve been there.


at the top of Victoria’s Peak


Victoria Harbour Family Pic!


cos we want to fly high! at Victoria’s Peak

After strolling in Hongkong, we went back to Kowloon to rest, eat and shop around Mongkok. My mom and sis were already happy with Innisfree store (Korean cosmetic brand) at Mongkok, how much more if they go to South KOREA! (I got crazy as shit on what to buy and what store to go in, haha shopaholic problems, lol).


strolling around Mongkok


too many signs but I can’t read them haha

Anyway, we booked our Disneyland thru our guesthouse and Oceanpark via Klook which was 10hkd less than the normal price as I’ve remembered. We had a great time visiting Disneyland as it was my dream to go overseas with my whole family and this place was always magical.






We skipped the Lantau Island since we don’t have much time but, if you have a lot of time to spare, try visiting it either by climbing it or have a more relax tour by riding their crystal cable cars. It’s one stop away from Sunnybay which will lead to Disney land. Hongkong MTR is fast and reliable and you won’t have any problem navigating to the places you want to see. For the Oceanpark, we alighted at Admiralty Station and rode the bus 629 which leads to park as the final stop.


At Tarzan’s tree house

Oceanpark and Disneyland are too big that you really need one day at least for both places. My dad loved Oceanpark more since there’s a lot of animals to see and he doesn’t need to ride. My mom on the otherhand was a daredevil and tried riding Hair raiser with us, and it was really super fun. Overall, our stay in Hongkong was memorable and worth it. We ate at restaurants along the streets, we tried some streetfoods and shop around for the usual pasalubongs to our friends. HK is really a good place to visit for quick weekend getaways.

I don’t have budget IT for HK but I’ve listed down my own expenses. I think I will not post any budget plan now since I am not really a travel blogger (I just like to travel HAHA, and it’s been 8mos so I can’t give you details, but just tips!). Starting now, I will cut short my write-ups and I will just make this as a reference for all my travels. Hope you enjoyed reading!


hair raiser! at Oceanpark

This is it for our very rush weekend escapade. My first family overseas trip! 🙂 YEY!

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