Spring Series 2017: Tokyo, Japan

“Is it really Spring?” That was my first question that hit my head when I arrived at Shinjuku Station. I was freezing as hell as I waited for my friends to arrive. Tokyo was so much colder than the cities in Kansai Region. Maybe since it’s in northern part of Japan and April has just started.

With my pocket wifi on, I messaged then whom I suspected were still sleeping. Haha and I was right! I went to a Mcdonald’s (my saviour as always!) to warm myself up and ate some breakfast while waiting for them. For my two-day stay in Tokyo, I spent it with them so yey! Free accommodation^^

After meeting them, we went to their home for a while so I can freshen up before going to Yamanashi and see Mt. Fuji. The most unexpected thing happened, it was still snowing on that prefecture! So there was really a high probability that we won’t be seeing Mt. Fuji and it’s perfect coned-shape.

Shinjuku station! Finally, after 12hrs of travel by bus 🙂
Snowfall at spring, global warming on the go..hmm
Next time I will visit this again, with flowers all around it
No Mt. Fuji view today, as expected
Lunch time!! Wagyu to ease our hunger 🙂

After our short daytrip to Yamanashi, we needed to go back early as it was still snowing and their car tires were already changed for Spring.

We dropped by at Shibuya to meet another neighbor of ours who were visiting Japan and for me to meet my dear Hachiko!

The much awaited meeting, hello Hachiko!
Shibuya at night

On the next day, I accompanied my friend in the hospital for her check-up and it was really amazing. Everything was automatic (haha) meaning, you don’t need so much staff and nurses around. While doing my favorite hobby, people watching, I noticed old people mostly stayed in the area. Well, Japan is known for being an old population. We also tried taking a taxi in Tokyo which was expensive like here in Singapore but, their cars are much nicer. Vintage type and automatic door opening (haha, i was in awe!)

Then finally, cherry blossoms!! I want to weep! Finally I’ve seen them, and not in a touristy part of the city, but, near the hospital that we went to!

Sakura, in love with these trees!
That smile I cannot erase throughout this trip!

After which, we went to Shinjuku to buy some souvenirs, shoes^^ and roam around the area.

Crowded? Super!

For my last day in Japan, we went to see Asakusa Temple and the parks around it plus Ueno Park^^

Checking out some cultural heritage at Asakusa
Tokyo Skytree on the background!
At Asakusa Temple
Next time, I will try on Kimono😍
Still in awe 🙂
At the busy Ueno Park
Sakuraaaaa 🙂
By the riverside near Sumida Park
Ueno Park at night
Tokyo Skytree 🙂
Sunset at Sumida River

As much as I wanted to try a Kimono and walk around, i feel too cold to do it 👘✌🏻 maybe next time i will!^^

That’s all for my 3/3 Japan Spring Series travel diary.

1/3: Kyoto

2/3: Osaka

Up next, Japan foodgasm!


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