Weekender: Kuala Lumpur and Melaka

For 6 years, I’ve never seen this friend due to conflict of schedules and work. This time around, I did not forego the chance to visit her since, she’s much closer to me now (well, when I was still in Singapore last April). And yes, it has perks when you know someone in the place we’re you’re going! Haha. Hello Lany, this write up is for you😘

“Going to KL by plane or by bus from Singapore?” I have been thinking if I should try the bus ride since I also need more time to sleep as I went to Malaysia just after my nightshift. Crazy schedule but, no one can stop this reunion! So I booked a bus from Sg to KL using easybook.com after asking my Malaysian friends on where can I book a reputable bus company for my 6hr trip.


I managed to book Nice bus due to their satisfactory reviews and cheap fare. I am not very familiar with their bus terminal, so after some googling, I found it near the Park Royal Hotel. I seated comfortably on the bus with my onigirii and bottled water I bought from the 7-11 nearby and slept all the way to KL after passing all the immigration points. I arrived at KL Sentral around 3pm, lurked around the mall and waited for my friend to come after work.


Jalan Alor at night


with Lany 🙂



dinner at Jalan Alor




We went to Jalan Alor for dinner. Like in Singapore, the choices of food and the hawker style are very similar. After eating, we spent the other half of the night by having our long awaited full body massage!

The next day we went out early to catch our morning bus. Unfortunately, we went to the wrong terminal (Selangor instead of TBS) heheh🤣 so we decided to roam around KL instead since the next schedule for the trip was still in the afternoon. By KTM, found ourselves riding back to KL Sentral and we proceeded to see the famous Petronas Twin Towers.


Petronas Twin Towers

In the end, we reached Melaka quite late. The traffic was also very bad that our 1-2 hrs ride became 4hrs plus. Anyway, when we reached Melaka, we booked uber and checked in to our lovely boutique hotel! This boutique hotel was newly renovated. The owner of homestay was very happy to see us after being worried that we might not show up (cos we were too late) and she cannot contact me since i forgot to give my friend’s hp number.

We had a very comfy and relaxing stay at this boutique hotel. The hotel is new on booking.com so there aren’t a lot of reviews. But, it was totally worth it! Clean, spacious, and new. The facilities like common toilet, kitchen and lobby are neatly maintained and the design is modern and classy. The location is superb too as it is walking distance to the places we wanted to see.

Book directly for better price and check their fb reviews of Modern Cave Boutique Homestay, but you can also book it from booking.com or any other hotels or hostels in Malacca and get 10% refund!


our lovely room with welcome drinks

For overnight stay in Melaka, we just decided to visit the common touristy places:

Jonker Street

Packed with tourists and locals, Jonker street offers a wide variety of street food and artsy souvenir shops. We cannot even move and buy anything due to the huge crowd. Then later on, my Malaysian friend told me it’s not really ideal to go there during weekends as the crowd can be crazy.


Jonker Street


food shops at Jonker street


fruit candies sold by auntie


colorful tuktuks at night


more food stalls at Jonker street


mantau flavored bread


waffle ice cream

Melaka UNESCO World Heritage

We started off around 9am, cos we did not wake up early and found ourselves late for the Sunday mass. We just then proceeded to the museums. For 20RM per pax, you can go to all the museums for one day.




vantage point, Melaka Church


morning walk, Jonker street


museum exhibits

We also visited the St. Paul ruins. Macau has also the same ruins but is bigger than the one here.img_5363-3

img_5454On our way back to our homestay, we rode the colorful and loud tuktuks so we can have a mini tour around the area.


Back to KL Sentral, my friend accompanied me to the KLIA2 for my flight that evening. We visited Mitsui, an outlet mall near the airport. It has a shuttle to and fro so it is a must visit if you want to shop for less.

Weekend was unfortunately over and it’s time to go back to work! It was a very quick stay indeed! Thanks sis for letting me stay to your place for a night and for this mini reunion! This post was really delayed but, I hope you enjoyed reading this. See you again when I see you!

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