Morning commute, my last Sunday in Philippines

So what should I feel now? My drafts from my travels since Iceland are still drafts. I thought this August I will be more motivated to do some writing but, I ended up being busy meeting friends, and being a couch potato at the same time (netflix and chill they say!)..

I’m not a fan of public transportation here in Philippines. Before going abroad, I worked in Laguna where my rented flat was only 10 mins away from the factory. Due to zoning, I can’t really find better offers as a chemist so I have no choice but to go to the provinces and search there. I worked in a multinational company for 3 years and I managed to enhance my skills as a chemist cos we were really hands-on with the instruments. It was a hard job, work-wise and schedule, yet it was a fulfilling one. I learned the technical aspects of my job description fully that I used to get a job abroad.

Anyway! So I was at the MRT going to Ayala station to meet a friend yesterday. After several years, I rode the train again. I am still hoping this main transportation will improve better as many commuters use this to get to their work places. I know you cannot really compare the first world from a third world but, one major difference is that most citizens of the first world countries use their public transportation than owning a private vehicle. This makes their traffic congestion lesser too. The other one is that bus rides and bus stations are working from point-to-point and it is very efficient in the cities. I hope someday we can phase out the old buses and really push through these kind of transportation (I already saw some from Antipolo-Ayala/Ortigas).

Maybe I feel unwell today that I decided to write. Mentally, physically.. because another challenge awaits in a few days time. Maybe there are a lot of things that are not going well here (politics, government facilities, transportation, even agriculture now) but Philippines is still a gem. I keep moving to places but I will keep coming back home. Geez, I will miss home so bad.

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